The hippie movement was created in the 60s in the United State, it was composed essentially of young people who were from middle class. Hippies were protesters and revolutionaries, they wanted to change the society of their time. They were against the way of life of their parents and contest it, in particular industrialism society with materialism, and the government and any idea of authority. They certainly didn't want to live like them. To reach their objectives, they acted in different ways. For example to avoid the war in Vietnam, they demonstrated in the street numerous times, in particular in may 1971, when 500 000 demonstrators gathered together. Finally, most of them decided to abandon their hippie commitments because they were about thirty years old, and wanted to set up home. So that, step by step, the dream of hippies disappeared. We ask us to what extent did the hippie movement have an impact on the American society.

We found that their legacy is divided in four parts. We will study the hippie heritage from the social, environmental, pacifist, and cultural aspects.



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