Some of projects of the hippie movement do not realized for different reasons.

The hippie movement was against the consumer society, one of their dream was to see a system which don't organized by the money. But today, since some months, we take a financial crisis. That's prove that their objectives to live in a non-materialist society had not work.

We know that the hippies advocated the organic food. But we can see today that numerous GMOs are present in the american food and that the Monsanto firm, which produces lots of GMOs, has a turnover of several billions dollars (more than 8 billions in 2007).

More over, in spite of all demonstrations of the hippie movement against war, for example, to Vietnam, it exist again numerous wars in the world like the fight ethnic in Kenya or the war in palestine against israel.

Like we saw in the example: the cyber-revolution, it's the hippie movement which establish internet. The hippies wanted to creat a place where everybody can find free information. But at our time, internet take magnitude much more important. And we can do shopping on internet, it's contrary to the wish of hippies to see a non-materialist society.

Thus, in spite of efforts of the hippie movement, some of their dreams didn't achieve.


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