Today, the Internet has a very important place in society, as it permits to quite free access to information. This is exactly a hippy idea, they thought access to computers should be free. Hippies were open minded about different cultures in the world and were interested for example in Buddhism. The Internet is the realization of this world interest and allows people to have free information about other cultures. Hippies were also interested in different music styles, since the 60s. Access to music is easier and today you can listen all the music you want on Internet. So Internet fulfilled hippie's dream of free information for all.

We owe it all to the hippies, forget antiwar protest, Woodstock, even long hair. The real legacy of the sixties generation in the computer revolution” said Stewart Brand in 1995. He is the creator of The Whole Earth Catalog, a counter culture book published between 1968 and 1972, which provides education and access to tools. Apple and Pixar Animation Studios founder and entrepreneur, Steve Jobs has described the catalog and the hippies as the conceptual forerunner of the World Wide Web. So we can see that hippies idea may have influenced the creation of Internet which is a part of a hippies heritage.

We can also notice that an Internet symbol came from the hippies. Indeed the ICQ flower is originally the symbol of “Flower Power” the famous slogan of the hippies. This logo refers to the community life of the hippies movement, this way of living permitted to communicate a lot. It's maybe for this reason that ICQ, which is an instant electronic bulletin board where people can speak each other, has the same symbol as “Flower Power”.

Besides, an Apple iMac computer is called “Flower Power” showing another time that the hippy movement has influenced the big domain of Internet and the cyber-revolution.

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