Since the 60's, the environmental theme has had a more and more important place. The environmental concern has become a world interest. The environment was one of the preoccupations of the hippies, they attached importance to nature. Indeed, in 1967, the hippies put pressure on the government in the USA to create the « Air Quality Act » which provided $428 millions to fight air pollution.

Hippies knew that it is important to make things last. The concepts of « Reduce, Reuse and Recycle » started with the hippies. Today, this concept is recommended by the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, which tried to protect the human health and to preserve the natural elements. Thanks to the hippies and associations, the mentality of people changed and people today feel more concern about the environmental problem.

Greenpeace is too a proof that hippies gave us a legacy. Indeed, in 1971, when the organization was created, it was composed of about a dozen men, half environmentalist, half hippies. Since this date, Greenpeace still exists and has made lots of changes in the world, like the protection of the forest or the stopping of nuclear tests in Achitka, in Alaska.

First action of greenpeace in 1971 against the american nuclear tests

Like the political party of « les Verts » in France, the Green party in the Usa might have been the descendant of the hippie movement.

The hippies were also the precursors of the organic food. In some community where lived only hippies, all the food was bio. It was the beginning of the interest on bio food. Today, more and more people eat organic food, and more people would buy it, if it was cheaper.

So, since the 60's, the really evolution of environmental concern and the organic food place in the people life, is certainly, for a part, an hippie legacy, without the majority of people knowing it.



« Flower Power » was the slogan of the hippie movement. This term was symbolized by a flower and represented nonviolence. Indeed, the hippie movement was pacifist. The expression « Flower Power » is due to « Flower Child » which represent children who buy flowers and distribute to unknowns.

The expression « Flower Power » has been reused numerous times since in movies and songs. For example, the famous author-composer, Stevie Wonder had composed a song called « Power Flower », Zazie, a French musician, had also a song called « Flower Power ».

Another hippies heritage is the peaceful protest. Indeed, in 1966, 400 000 people demonstrated in New York to fight against the Vietnam war. It was one of the first actions to stop a war. Lots of hippies were in this protest and were the bottom of it. Since this event, the Iraq war had been objected by many people in the world, and there were many protests.

Demonstrators against the Vietnam War, in April 1967

Activists protest the war in Iraq in New York


So, we can think that hippies influenced current society in this way.




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